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PCAV MAD MAG Treasure Hunt

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 Welcome to the Spetember 2016 MAD MAG Treasure Hunt.


The first 2 correct entries will win a prize pack from Pony Club Victoria.

Good - luck

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Q1 Which Zone won the Horseland InterZone Teams Horse Trials?

Q2 What is the name of the new manager of the Pony Club Equestrian Centre?

Q3 What is the date of the last State Training Workshop for 2016?

Q4 Which page will you find the SkyePark AD?

Q5 What award did Jim Paige win?

Q6 What award did Lauren Clark win?

Q7 When will Equitana be on in Melbourne?

Q8 Which page will you find the Kiahglen AD on?

Q9 When was the Ride To Time State Final held?

Q10 Name the two PCA Board members?

Q11 What page did you find Percy on?

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