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KELATO Horsemastership Challenge - April 2014

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Q1 Your Horse has developed a sore around the girth area that looks raw, a little rounded it is likely to be..?

Q2 A way to prevent Girth Gall is to...?

Q3 When treating Girth Gall you should?

Q4 Your horse is misbehaving by humping, pig rooting, bucking or refusing to jump, What may be wrong?

Q5 Which of the following may prevent your horse from suffering from back soreness (3 correct answers)

Q6 Your horse is unhappy to have a bit in his mouth and keeps shaking his head, the problem may be....?

Q7 Which disease is caused by a bacteria called Clostridium tetani which lives in soil?

Q8 Tetanus is best prevented by vaccination, to protect your horse you should get a booster every....?

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