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Worlds BEST HOOF Oil Treasure Hunt December 2015

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Q1 Which Zone won the Interzone Teams Horse Trials Team Shield?

Q2 Who is the manager at Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Center?

Q3 What event Did Bealiba Pony Club tell us about?

Q4 What could you win if you entered the Interzone Teams Horse Trials Competition?

Q5 What donation back will HorsePlay give your Club for each purchase?

Q6 Who won the Pony Club National Championships?

Q7 Which page will you find the Pohnie Equestrian Clothing AD?

Q8 What year was Pony Club Association of Victoria formed?

Q9 Who provides ribbons for Hen's Night?

Q10 What amazing lady recently retired from Pony Club official service?

Q11 What page did you find Percy on?

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