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World's BEST HOOF Oil - MAD Mag Treasure Hunt - DEC 2014

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Q1 Who were the two Speed to Safety Champions for 2014?

Q2 Which Team won the Matty Slade Trophy this year?

Q3 When are the Games Skills Training & State Selections Weekend being run?

Q4 What must every Club with more than 20 members have at every event / activity by 2015?

Q5 To get a Free Saddle Bag what do you need to purchase from Wintec?

Q6 Stephanie McCaulife represented Victoria and Australia in which events?

Q7 Who has a competition to win a horse shape salt lamp?

Q8 Inclusion of people with disability is about?

Q9 Which Pony Club has become a probationary Club with NEZ?

Q10 Can you name all the full page advertisers in this magazine?

Q11 What page did you find Percy on?

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