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Horseland Mini Horse Trials | 28 OCT 2018

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Suanne Waugh, Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Entries close 14 OCT 2018

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Horseland Mini Horse Trials


ENTER HERE | Entries close 14 OCT 2018

Dressage tests (PCV2013)

  • Grade 5 | 5C (40 x 20m arena)
  • Grade 6 | 5A (40 x 20m arena)
  • Grade 4 | 4C (40 x 20m arena)
  • Grade 3 | 3C (60 x 20m arena)

Horse Trials and Showjumping (Max heights and spreads)

  • Grade 6 | Max height:  0.35m  |  Max spread:  Base: 0.35m, High point: 0.35
  • Grade 5 | Max height:  0.50m  |  Max spread:  Base: 0.65m, High point: 0.50
  • Grade 4 | Max height:  0.60m |  Max spread:  Base: 0.85m, High point: 0.65

Combined training Riders entering the horse trials can also enter the combined training giving them two competitions.  Their score for dressage and show jumping can be carried over to the combined training section. 

  • Horse Trials entries will only ride the dressage and show jumping once.  
  • Combined training entries only do not have to enter the horse trials but can just enter the combined training section.