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Suanne Waugh, Thursday, 21 June 2018

Proposed change of management structure for PCV

Over the last 18 months State Council has embraced change and initiated a governance review.  Doing what we have always done is no longer an option in today's climate with intense competition from other sports and the consumer dollar. Pony Club Victoria needs to become a modern organisation fit for purpose.

The governance review is designed to make PCV function more effectively from the top table whilst ensuring that activities on the ground, at club level, competition and being involved on a day to day basis remain unchanged or made easier.  It will be "Same, Same but even better" for those in the field and for Pony Club in the years to come.  This will be the biggest change proposed for PCV in over sixty years.

A number of information sessions have been planned so members can learn about the proposed changes, ask questions and seek clarification.  All feedback will be considered before final documents are put to the vote at a Special General Meeting.

All sessions will commence at 1PM.  It is important that you RSVP to allow the venues to be prepared and handouts produced.


These documents are to assist with understanding the proposed govenance changes.

CHANGE 1 - The Board  |  CHANGE 2 - State Council  |  CHANGE 3 - Management  |  CHANGE 4 - New Constitution Rules Summary  |  NEW CONSTITUTION - DRAFT


14 JULY 2018

  • TRARALGON  |  1 PM 
    Traralgon Pony Club  |  Minnidale Road, Traralgon

    Presenter: Vicki Robinson Kennedy  RSVP
  • LARA  |  1 PM
    Elcho Park Equestrian Centre  |  Elcho Road, Lara

    Presenter: James Lang  RSVP

21 JULY 2018

  • BENALLA  |  1PM
    Benalla Bowls Club  |  25 Arundel Place, Benalla

    Presenter: Vicki Robinson Kennedy  RSVP
  • MULGRAVE  |  1PM
    Mulgrave Country Club  |  Cnr Wellington & Jells Road, Wheelers Hill VIC 3150

    Presenter: James Lang  RSVP

28 JULY 2018

  • KERANG  |  1PM
    Gannawarra Library Service  |  Cnr Shadforth St and Murray Valley Hwy, Kerang 

    Presenter: Vicki Robinson Kennedy  RSVP
    Bruar College  |  37 Caramut Rd, Warrnambool (Bruar Trade Centre, Upstairs Dining Room)
    Presenter: James Lang  RSVP

RSVP HERE - for planning purposes please indicate you will be attending a session.