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Horseland InterZone Teams Horse Trials 2015 - Results

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Suanne Waugh, Monday, 14 September 2015

Congratulations to all competitors at the 2015 Horseland InterZone Teams Horse Trials 2015.  Big shout out to all officials and supporters who make these events possible.  

Our thanks to Horseland our Major Sponsor, your support is greatly appreciated.

Grade 3 Champions - Midland Marvels 

  • Oscar Cole  |  Chatswood Tango
  • Alexandra Kelly  |  Stella Bella
  • Jackson Holmes  |  Yarrabuck Park
  • Annie Shea  |  Bubbles

Team Results  | Individual Results  |  Open Results

Grade 4 Champions - North East Bullets

  • Annie Creed  | Olympus
  • Amie Hourigan  |  Boot T Licious
  • Tarita Hutton  |  Izzy
  • Caitlyn Cuthbert  |  Phantom

Team Results  |  Individual Results  |  Open Results

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