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Northern Metropolitan Zone of PCAV Inc


Glenlyon and District Pony Club

Contact Us
Site Map

Site Address: Glenlyon Recreation Reserve 
Dysart Street 
Postal Address: PO Box 443 
Email glenlyonponyclub@hotmail.com
Website www.glenlyon.ponyclubvic.org.au
Phone 0438 583 176
Disciplines Offered
  • Certificates
  • Cross Country
  • Dressage
  • Grooming
  • Showjumping
  • Club House
Activity Days Rallies are held on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Club Activities Amazing state qualifying cross country course.
Open times Cross Country course CLOSED for the month of February! The course is closed to PC members and the public for renovations/repairs and safety reasons. This is in accordance to PCAV rulings prior to our annual competition.
Club information Please do NOT come to Glenlyon Rec Reserve on the first Saturday of each month as this is Gun Clubs day and you will be asked to leave for obvious safety reasons.
Other information Central Zone
Incorporated Yes
Incorporations number A2575B
AGM date April
EFA affiliated No
Local council Select
Ground ownership Leased
Jumper colour Bottle Green
Sash colour Orange
Tie colour Brown
Saddle cloth colour Green, orange trim
Rally uniform colour Polo shirt (bottle green with orange slashes & logo from 2012), windcheater
Number of rallies 12


Name Position Email
Sarah Klas Club Secretary glenlyonponyclub@hotmail.com Mb: 0438 583 176
Kylie Cameron Club Treasurer glenlyonponyclub@hotmail.com
Helen Heinrich Club District Commissioner