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Pony Club Association of Victoria Championships

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Pony Club Association of Victoria

Games, Flat Teams & Musical Ride
Venue: Geelong Showgrounds
Date: 7th – 8th June 2003

After a few years of dry weather over the Championships weekend, the heavy clouds, cold wind and occasional showers did not dampen the enthusiasm of the riders, and another successful Championship event was conducted.

The Safety and Gear Check: went extremely well with only two saddles low on the horses back and two pairs of stirrup leathers requiring stitching – all were passed after the problems were rectified.

Flat Teams State Championships: We had a total of 25 Flat Teams from around the State competing for the Championship title. First place was awarded to Mornington Peninsula Pony Club (South Metropolitan Zone) who scored 218 points out of a possible 280 points. The regular practice and hard work each team puts into the Flat Team Ride section was once again apparent. Eight of the Flat Teams were also riding in the Musical Ride Team Championships.

Musical Ride Teams State Championships: This year we had a total of 21 Musical Ride Teams competing. Upper Beaconsfield Pony Club (West Gippsland Zone) won the Championships gaining a total score of 88 points out of a possible 100 points. The wide range of choreography, music and enhancements shown by all teams was of a very high standard and the capability of the teams was delightful to watch.

Kay Irving Memorial State Games Teams Championships: 25 Teams competed against each other for the Kay Irving Trophy. Macclesfield Pony Club (South Metropolitan Zone) won the Trophy with a total score of 280 points out of a possible 300 points. The enthusiasm and determination of the Games teams again produced an exciting atmosphere for participants and spectators alike.

The standard of the majority of the Lane Judges was very good and it was obvious they knew the rules of the games. It is important that Zones submit competent Lane Judges as, not only do the Games run more smoothly, but no team is disadvantaged by a Lane Judge who is ill-equipped for the task.

We, the State Games, Flat and Musical Ride Teams Committee, would like to congratulate all the riders (and their horses) who competed in the above events. It is great to see the teams working together and having fun. It was a very successful weekend, made possible by a group of hardworking volunteers. We look forward to seeing the same enthusiastic participation at the 2004 Championship Events.

The Results for the 2003 State Games, Flat and Musical Ride Teams Championships are as follows:

(All Places Awarded After a Countback)

Lynne Roberts
Secretary, State Games & Flat Teams Committee

Flat Ride  Teams
1st Mornington Peninsula 218 Points
2nd Hurstbridge 212 Points
3rd Mt. Evelyn 202 Points
4th Kilmore 194 Points
5th Woodend 194 Points
6th Mountain District 192 Points

Musical Ride  Teams
1st Upper Beaconsfield 88 Points
2nd Cockatoo 87 Points
3rd Kilmore 84 Points
4th Monash 84 Points
5th Cranbourne 84 Points
=6th Benalla No. 1 80 Points
=6th Oaklands 80 Points

Kay Irving Memorial State Games  Teams
1st Macclesfield 280 Points
2nd Macedon No. 1 250 Points
3rd Pakenham 250 Points
4th Loch-Nyora 250 Points
5th Upper Beaconsfield 240 Points
=6th Bairnsdale 230 Points
=6th Benalla No. 1 230 Points