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1999 PCAV Horse Trials State Championships

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Four years of planning, two years of development and fourteen months of building  finally came to an end, and what an end it was.  The Victorian Pony Club Horse Trials State Championships were held at Charlton
on the first weekend of May 1999.  With an estimated 2000 people coming to the town, the streets and businesses were all about one thing-the horse!

Riders came from all ten Zones in Victoria with a majority from the Melbourne region and some from as far a field as Orbost and East Gippsland. The Championships is open to the top riders in Pony Club, who qualify on accredited courses in the 11 months prior to the competition.
John Laird, President of Pony Club Association of Victoria, and another 12 State officials inspected the cross-country course at 10 am for final approval on the Friday before. This was followed by a Civic Reception from Mayor Stuart McLean and the Buloke Shire.

Daniel Scott and
Daniel Scott and 'Cheraton True Colours' from Cranbourne

President Laird commented favourably about the support shown to the Pony Club movement by the Shire of Buloke.
Most of the riders camped with their horses on Friday and Saturday nights on the Common. Dressage started at 8 am, Saturday morning. The Saturday night celebrations featured a sit-down meal for 600, followed by a disco in the 'Sheep shed/betting pavilion

Dressage was held on the football oval on Saturday, with five arenas operating for 67 Grade 1 and 135 Grade 2 combinations.
The Cross Country obstacles featured local assets and industries of the area and the Midland Zone. A highlight of the course was the Paddle Steamer, inspired by the adjacent Avoca River. The last obstacle was the Wine Barrels, sponsored by the Blue Pyrennees Estate from Avoca, which is on the southern border of Midland Zone. Charlton Pony Club DC and Midland Zone President, Laurie Cole, Peggy Mills of Harcourt and Midland Zone Life Member, Robin Tranter of Maryborough, designed the course.

Oona Knaggs
Oona Knaggs 'andrettir'
Mornington Peninsula

Riding of the Cross Country course began at 8 am on Sunday morning. After completing the 30 obstacles and 3 km, (where the time allowed was six minutes and ten seconds), the competitors had a one-hour rest before the final phase of the Horse Trials, the Showjumping round.

Showjumping tests the horse's athletic endurance and discipline and its stamina to complete a further test after the gruelling Cross-Country. The Showjumping course was built and designed by Peggy Mills, regular EFA course builder and member of Midland Zone from Harcourt. The course featured bright colourful fences and challenging lines, where only seven Grade 1 combinations completed the course without faults. The Showjumping course used new equipment, featuring the colours of Midland Zone Pony Clubs.


The final result saw only six combinations from Grade 1 finish faultless on their dressage score:

  • Louise Dear on Summer's Date from Wyena
  • Cate Satchwell on Lustina Park Rex from Balnarring
  • Melissa Harris on Poetic Silk from Berwick
  • Marnie Curwen on Hayley's Comet from Tooradin
  • Melinda Royston on Sir Adelard from Templestowe
  • Liana Bertrand on Noble Spirit from Wyena.

Adrian Dowell
Adrian Dowell 'Plutonium Ore' Benalla


Congratulations to those who took part in the 1999 PCAV Horse Trials State Championships and to the Midland Zone.  Report from Travis Cole, Midland Zone.