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Dressage Day Fundraiser - PCVEC Gladysdale March 10 2018 **New Date**

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Vicki Jans, Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Open Dressage Day @ Pony Club Vic Equestrian Centre - new date set

Event Information


Non Pony Club members will need to set up a Profile for themselves on the database then go in and enter the event. 

The profile will be a once off -  for any other events entered via the database this will not need to be re-done.

Please call PCV office on 8685 8925 if you need help

Entries close:  Friday 2 March 2018

Open Classes only $27 a Test | $50 per Jackpot

A Volunteer is required to help on the day - email Linda Smith on l.smithconvey@bigpond.com


Pony Club Victoria Equestrian Centre, 640 Little Yarra Rd, Gladysdale Vic 3797


  • Sashes to 6th place
  • Saddle Blankets kindly donated By HORSELAND RINGWOOD to overall jackpot winner in each section (must ride two tests)


  • Prelim |  1.2 & 1.3
  • Novice |  2.1 & 2.3
  • Elementary |  3.1 & 3.3
  • Medium |  4.1 & 4.3
  • Advanced |  5.1 & 5.3 (If sufficient entries)

Higher Grades will be run in the Indoor Arena

Raffles throughout the day - fantastic Prizes to be WON!!  Full canteen available from 7am



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