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State Horse Trials 2016 - Results

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State Horse Trials

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Vicki Jans, Monday, 2 May 2016

Congratulations to all competitors and their support crew (*family, clubs etc) and many thanks to all the hard working volunteers who made the Horseland State Horse Trials Championships happen.

Special Thanks to Linda Smith. Organizer Extraordinaire

Final Results - All Classes  
Teams Placing  
Dressage All Classes  
Dressage Grade 1  
Dressage Grade 2A  
Dressage Grade 2B  
Dressage Grade 2C  
Dressage - All Grades  
Cross Country Grade 1  
Cross Country Grade 2A  
Cross Country Grade 2B  
Cross Country Grade 2C  
Cross Country - Jump Evaluation  
Showjumping Grade 1  
Showjumping Grade 2A  
Showjumping Grade 2B  
Showjumping Grade 2C