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Horseland PCAV State Horse Trial Championship 2015 - Results

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Vicki Jans, Tuesday, 5 May 2015
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Our thanks to Horseland for their major sponsorship of this event and to all event sponsors who helped the organisers to create a great event.  Our thanks to the East Gippsland Zone and Rosedale Pony Club for hosting this event and to all the spectators and competitors who attended the 2015 event, we hope you had a fantastic time.  See the event page for all sponsors at this event.

Horseland State Individual Champions 2015

  • Grade 1 State Champion 2015 - Sam Jeffree riding Jaybee Calyso from Macclesfield PC (SMZ) 
  • Grade 2 State Champion 2015 - Courtney Thompson riding Danny Boy from Langwarrin PC (SMZ)
  • Grade 2 State Champion 2015 - Monique Hodgson riding Ego Regency from Monbulk PC (SMZ)
  • Grade 2 State Champion 2015 - Madeline McCarty riding Pancho from Seville PC (NMZ)

Horseland State Horse Trials Championship 2015 - Individual Results

Horseland State Individual Champions 2015

  • State Teams Champion - Eltham & District (NMZ) for winning the Team Competition


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