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2017 - 9 & 10th December

Location: PCVEC Gladysdale

What is Tetrathlon?

A tetrathlon is a variant of the modern pentathlon, the difference being there is no fencing. It comprises of four disciplines, shooting, swimming, riding and running.

Tetrathlon Rules 2017

What are the phases of tetrathlon?



Hickstead (jumping)


Tetrathlon at Pony Club

Tetrathlon was conducted at the 2013 Pony Club National Championships as a demonstration event and due to its popularity was incuded for the 2015 National Championships.  Tetrathlon is a well established discipline in Western Australia and has a huge following especially amongst boys. Victoria is encouraging the growth of this sport. For more information contact PCAV head office on 8685 8925 or ncas@ponyclubvic.org.au