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Northern Metropolitan Zone of PCAV Inc


Horseland PCAV Games, Flat Teams & Musical Ride State Championship

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Entries close: 

Individuals will enter the event via their MyPonyClub Profile, T Shirts and Yard bookings also ordered and paid through Rider Profile.

Event Entries to:  stategamesflatmrchamps@gmail.com


Games: Schedule

Games for 2017 are

  • 2 Mug Shuffle
  • Stick Pegging Race 
  • Sock & Bucket Race
  • Flag / Drum Relay
  • Bending / Baton Relay, 
  • Bottle Race *( new for 2017)

Flat Teams: Schedule

Flat Team Rides for 2018 – Team of 4 Ride – Test No. 4, and Pairs Team Ride - No. 2. These tests have been sent to PCV for updating and inclusion in the new Flat Teams Schedule

Hints on Making a Musical Ride

Event Score Sheets Etc (for Zone Event Organizers): 





Yard Allocation: 

Results:  2016  |  Past Results


Zone Forms:









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Results and Pictures
Event History