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State Dressage and Showjumping Champs - Results

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Vicki Jans, Monday, 27 February 2012

Congratulations and thank you to the hard working volunteers of North East Zone for conduct a fabulous event.

Pictures of the event can be found and purchased at Derek O'Leary Photography  www.derekoleary.com.au

Full Results in order click here  Excel spreadsheet - page to each class

GRADE 1 - Individual
1st Zone 20 Caitlyn Hiskins
2nd Central Zone Matthew Sievers
3rd Central Zone Lucy Gunn
4th South Metro Zone Tamara Campain
5th North Metro Zone Sarah Ray
6th Barwon Zone Jordan Smith
GRADE 2 - Teams
1st Central Zone Nicola Fitzgerald
Alex Edwards (Individual Champion)
Tayla Desmet
2nd West Gippsland Zone Carly Heisler
Monica Saultry
Kelsey Colverd
3rd Barwon Zone Holly Hornsey
Bryoni Butler
Kerri Anne Evans
4th North Metro Zone Lauren Howes
Danielle Apted
Georgina Mock
5th North Eastern Zone Maddison Kyritsis
Nicole Grey
Elliot Keneally
GRADE 3 - Teams
1st North Metro Zone Isabella Robertson Dixon
Abbey Turnbull
Millie Fitzpatrick
2nd Central Zone Lily Cowburn
Isabelle Luxmoore
Olivia Fynmore-Green
3rd West Gippsland Emma Turner- Individual champion
Jessica Alderson
Emily Clifford
4th Barwon Chelsea Ferrugia
Olivia Thompson
Stephanie Nicholson
5th North Eastern Zone Nicohla Payme
Elise Zorzutti
Kelsy Mull
6th Northern Zone Monique Pankhurst
Carl Forbes Wilson
Georgie Tully Watts
A GRADE - Individual
1st Midland Zone Georgie Laidlaw
2nd Barwon Zone Andrew Wootten (cb)
3rd East Gippsland Zone Samantha Harrington (cb)
4th Barwon Zone Amy Kort (cb)
5th North Eastern Zone Ryan Waddell
6th West Gippsland Zone Jacob Wells
B GRADE - Teams
1st West Gippsland Zone Molly Barry
Victoria Watson
Lillian Charman
Aleisha Dunks
2nd East Gippsland Zone Melissa Backman
Chelsea Hair
Jennifer Massey
Estelle Landy
3rd North Metro Zone Billie Pearson
Maddie Ray
Justine Russell
Brittany Salthouse
4th South Metro Zone Amber Cargill
Tess Cargill
Isabella Walsh (Individual Champion)
David Muirhead
5th North Eastern Zone Thomas Staats
Maddison Connell
Alice Grimshaw
Megan Burling
6th Central Zone Kristen Lenne
Paige Cartwright
Tahnee Pfeiffer
Aimee Bush
C GRADE - Teams
1st North Eastern Zone Lucy Crawford
Kate Rowe
Alexandra Robinson (Individual Champion)
Rebecca Robinson (Individual Champion)
2nd West Gippsland Zone Grace McLean
Laura Travis
Vivienne Carfrae
Stephanie Carfrae
3rd East Gippsland Zone Holly Webb
Todd Bromwich
Emma Hair
Madeline Watts
4th South Metro Zone Isabella Walsh
Jasmin Bemelmans
Katelyn Thomas
Evie Alexander
5th Barwon Zone Brie Lewandowski
Travis Morgan
Vanessa Nicholas
Sarah Richards
6th North Metro Zone Erin Phillips
Lauren Sturt
Tori Summers
Jaimee Cacic